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Sopron Botanic Garden

The early beginnings of the Botanic Garden go back to 1897 and the foundation of the military school in Sopron. That was the time of the planting of the ancient Planes, Horse Chestnuts and Maples that can still be seen today. After the First World War, in September 1922 the Academy for Mining and Forestry from Selmecbánya occupied the empty buildings. The academy already owned an arboretum in Selmecbánya which was renowed all over Europe. The transformation of the 10 ha area into a Botanic Garden began in spring 1923 under the leadership of Ferenc Kövessi. The aim of the Botanic Garden was primarily as an educational resource. By the Second World War the garden was exhibiting almost five hundred tree species and more than thousand herb species , some of which were brought into greenhouses for the winter. In 1958 the area of the botanic garden was enlarged by 4 hectares with the support of the city council, and in 1965 by a further 4,5 hectares. A thematic reorganisation of the garden began in the 1960’s. The pathways, the alpinetum and the areas displaying species from each continent were created at this time. The evergreen collection of the garden is famous all over Europe. The Botanic Garden is managed today by the Faculty of Forestry of the University of West Hungary.