Hotel Wollner
Hotel Wollner

Austria’s largest leisure and family park.

There’s always something new to discover, try out and observe in an area covering 140.000 m². The Themed spots adventure castle, fairytale wood, farm and adventure island offer fun, excitement, games and relaxation for a whole day.

On the occasion of last year’s jubilee ‘Märchenpark Neusiedlersee’ presented breathtaking thrills and the most unique delights in all Austria !!! The ‘Goetterblitz’ rollercoaster for the whole family is bound to set visitors’ pulses racing and is currently the park’s premium attraction.

And once again there are plenty of new things to explore in 2017:

Anyone fancy a ride on the sea dragon as it swings through the air? Brave enough to go on a ride on the crazy scarecrow and run riot in a water battle? Not to mention the swampy castle, which we’ve made even more exciting for you by adding a climbing labyrinth. They’re all waiting to be explored by you!

Beautiful parks offer recreation and relaxation!

Our wide choice of things to do is not just limited to adventure and action: it also provides our visitors with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. Long walks through our zoo with its woodland, idyllic ponds and footbridges make it all possible. The extended tour of the woodland past local wildlife and the captivating tiny little goats in the children’s zoo provide an immediate point of contact between people and animals. Our trusting four-legged friends already look forward to a handful of feed and being gently stroked and petted.

Don’t miss out on this adventure – come and visit us!

Hope to see you soon!