Harrer Chocolate in Sopron

A unique cholocte manufacturer- a place where everyones sweet dreams come true!

The austrian founded confectionery dynasty has been pleasing its visitors for four years with sweet delights. Taste their wide selection of the following: sweet and salty cakes, unique cakes and cake slices, ice-cream, tea and coffee specialities await visitors now in Sopron aswell.

In peaceful and comfortable surroundings, guests are able to see their large range of chocolate, which they are able to taste-test. An excellent program for young and old, however mostly recommended for families with young children!


For more details visit: http://harrerchocolat.com/

Harrer Chocolat Kft
H-9400 Sopron, Faller Jenő u. 4.
Tel./Fax +36 99 505 904