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Hotel Wollner

Eisenstadt, Esterházy Palace

The capital of Burgenland, one of nine Austrian states, is situated at the foot of the Leitha Mountains. The town of 14,000 inhabitants is one of the smaller capitals in the Austrian federation. Eisenstadt certainly lives up to the saying ?the best things come in small packages?. The former residence of the Esterházy princes has a lot to offer to its visitors. Eisenstadt captures its visitors because it has a unique flair. Some highlights of any visit to Eisenstadt are the Esterházy Palace, the Haydn Church (also known as ?Bergkirche?), St. Martin?s Cathedral or the Palace Park, the park adjacent to the Esterházy Palace. Formerly designed as baroque garden, it was re-designed around 1800 to resemble an English landscape garden. At the same time the greenhouses of the park were revitalised. If you prefer lofty heights do not miss the Gloriette. Built into the side of the Leitha Mountains, it offers a breathtaking view of Burgenland?s soul; this is the spot where you will fall in love with this region and its beauty. The Gloriette, originally called Mary?s Temple, built almost 200 years ago in the style of a Greek temple had originally been dedicated to Maria Hermengild, the wife of Prince Nikolaus II Esterházy. The city of Eisenstadt looks back on an eventful history that attracts many visitors every day. Almost every building in town has an interesting story to tell. Take time to listen! A guided tour through the Esterházy Palace immediately transports you back in time and offers a glimpse into the past. A walk through the listed old town elevates one?s spirits and it would not seem odd if the world-famous composer Haydn were to cross your path. Culture and history play an important role in Eisenstadt ? a fact that comes to live if you walk through this charming city. The International Haydn Days take place in September of each year and have made Eisenstadt known around the globe. But also sights like the Esterházy Palace or the Haydn Church with its absolutely unique Calvary are some of the most important cultural monuments of the region and are highlights of every tour through Eisenstadt. The old town, which counts many listed buildings, forms the core of Eisenstadt. Countless visitors stroll through the pedestrian zone every day, either to do some (window) shopping or to relax over a good cup of coffee. Come and open up to the charms of the ?Haydn Capital of the World?, let Eisenstadt transport you! A side from history and culture, Eisenstadt also lives up to the challenges of a modern city and thus is able to meet the needs of its visitors. Numerous coffee houses, inns, shops and leisure time options make Eisenstadt and its two subdivisions, St. Georgen and Kleinhöflein, truly pleasant to visit. Kleinhöflein lies at the western end of the city and is a wonderful wine-growing community counting about 1000 inhabitants. Up on a hill, visible for miles, there is the late gothic church, consecrated to St.Vitus; the church dates back to the 15th century. At the end of June of each year Kleinhöflein takes centre stage in the city?s life and invites you to celebrate its annual parish fair, also known as the Vintner’s Fair.